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4. Certificate In Financial Accounting - TALLY (CFA)
Course Code : SCE 04           Duration : 3 Months           No. of Semester : 1             Course Fee : 3550
5. Diploma In Desktop Publishing (DTP)
Course Code : SCE 05           Duration : 3 Months           No. of Semester : 1             Course Fee : 4050
Diploma in Desktop Publishing (DTP)
PageMaker - Overview of PageMaker, Using Toolbox & Menu bar, Change Type Style, Working With Text And Graphics, Create Logo, Working With Special Effect, Saving & Opening File, Creating Visiting Card & Invitation Card, Drawing Tools, Fills And Outlines, Frames And Blocks, Control Pallet, Tabs and Indents, Paragraph Styles,
Photoshop - Introduction of Photoshop, Using Toolbox & Menu bar, Edit Text, Changing Background, Create Image Size, Changing Cloth, Change Hair Style, Back & White to Colour Photo. Work with Multi Layer & Colour, Saving & Opening File, Selection Shading, Transformation of Objects.
Corel Draw - Introduction of CorelDraw, Using Toolbox & Menu bar, Fill Text With a Pattern in CorelDraw, Break Apart Text, 3D Textured Text, Contoured Text, Converting a Bitmap Logo to Vector, Cracked Text Fitting Text to a Path, Create Fonts, Golden Text, Instant Chrome Text, Neon Text.
Total video converter
Mp3 Cutter for Mobile application
Mobile Application Downloading
6. Diploma In Financial Accounting (DFA)
Course Code : SCE 06           Duration : 9 Months           No. of Semester : 2             Course Fee : 6550
Semester 1
Modules: DCA (Diploma in Computer Application)
Semester 2
Modules: CFA (Certificate in Financial Accounting)
7. Diploma In Computer Programming (DCP)
Course Code : SCE 07           Duration : 6 Months           No. of Semester : 1             Course Fee : 5550
Programming Logic & Technique (PLT): Concept of Programming, Program Development Prolog, Negation as Failure, Pseudo Code, Flow Chart, Program Elements- Variable, Array, Function, Characteristics of a good program Concept of C: Overview of C, Syntax, Hello World Example, Data Types, Memory Management, Libraries, Language Tools, Uses, Related Languages, References, Further Reading External Links.
Programming in C++: Instructions for Use, Basic to C++(Structure of a Program, Data Types, Constants, Operators, Basic Input/Output, Control Structures, Compound Data Types, Object Oriented Programming, Advanced Concepts,
FoxPro Programming: Overview of Programming, Database Concept, FoxPro Compounds- LIST, DISPLAY, BROWSE, EDIT, DELETE etc., Variables, Conditions Statements, Loops, Arrays, Procedure, Creation of menu
GUI Programming in Visual Basic: Introduction to Visual Basic, Working with Projects and Forms, Variables, Constants, Arrays, Control Flow, Statements and Conditional Statements, Menus (Designing, Programming), Active X Controls, Events Driven Programming, MDI (Multiple Document Interface).
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